Teen martial arts

Raising leaders for life!

About Teen Martial Arts!

SideKicks’ Teen Martial Arts program is the perfect partner in helping you raise a strong confident leader! Check out these awesome benefits of martial arts training for teens aged 13 and up!
Positive mental attitude!
Goal setting!
Respect and self-control!
Confidence building!
Self defense training!

Frequently Asked Questions!

What age group do you accept for Youth Martial Arts? Teen Martial Arts is designed for age 12 and up.
When are classes? SideKicks provides several options for each age group throughout the week, Monday through Saturday. We encourage everyone to attend at least twice per week.
Does my teen need any previous experience? Nope! We love helping beginners get started and do our best to help everyone feel comfortable and successful!
What should my teen wear for their first class? Just bring comfortable clothing they can move around in! We recommend sweatpants or shorts with a t-shirt.
Will martial arts encourage my teen to fight? Definitely not. Your teen will learn super cool martial arts moves, as well as practical safety, but our goal is to teach your child how to avoid fights and use self-control. Our mission is to empower all of our students with leadership skills and confidence!