leadership program

Raising the next generation of leaders!

About the Leadership Program!

SideKicks’ Leadership Program positions students for success in life: whether in school, college, career, or their community! Check out these awesome benefits of SideKicks’ Leadership Program!
Leadership skills classes!
Tournament program!
Advanced martial arts training!

Frequently Asked Questions!

What age group do you accept for SideKicks’ Leadership Program? The Leadership Program is designed for students aged 9 and up.
How can my child join the Leadership Program? The first step is earning a spot on SideKicks’ SWAT team (Superior Winning Attitude Team) – these are students who consistently set a great example in their classes! Once students have assisted with the required classes on the SWAT team, they are eligible to receive an invitation into SideKicks’ Leadership Program!
How can I join the Leadership Program? We love when parents / guardians join the Leadership Program alongside their children! Speak with an instructor to help you get started!
How often are tournaments? A complete list of available tournaments can be found here.