legacy program

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About the Legacy Program!

SideKicks’ Legacy Program is a unique experience giving students an education in business basics and modern instruction techniques! This program is perfect for anyone interested in business, teaching, or coaching! Check out these awesome benefits of SideKicks’ Leadership Program!
Legacy and Leadership skills classes!
Instruction techniques!
Basic business training!
Tournament competition!
Advanced martial arts classes!

Frequently Asked Questions!

What age group do you accept for SideKicks’ Legacy Program? The Legacy Program is designed for students aged 13 and up.
How can my child (or I) join the Legacy Program? The first step is earning an invitation to the Leadership Program! Once students have completed the required classes in the Leadership Program, and have developed proficiency in required martial arts martial, they are eligible to receive an invitation into SideKicks’ Legacy Program!
How often are tournaments? A complete list of available tournaments can be found here.