family martial arts

A wonderful bonding experience for you and your children!

About Family Martial Arts!

We love when parents and children train together in SideKicks’ family martial arts classes! Family classes allow you to lead by example and train right alongside your children. Check out these awesome benefits for parents and children training together!
Family discounts!
Fantastic bonding experience!
Physical fitness for the entire family!
Family friendly environment!

Frequently Asked Questions!

What age group do you accept for Family Martial Arts? Our family class is designed for children aged 3 and up to take class with parent(s) and/or guardian(s).
Do we need any previous experience? Nope! We love helping beginners get started and do our best to help everyone feel comfortable and successful!
What should we wear for our first class? Just bring comfortable clothing you can move around in! We recommend sweatpants or shorts with a t-shirt.
Will martial arts encourage my child to fight? Definitely not. Your child will learn super cool martial arts moves, as well as practical safety, but our goal is to teach your child how to avoid fights and use self-control. Our mission is to empower all of our students with leadership skills and confidence!